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Mount and Blade: Warband/NW/VC/Fire and Sword - Slots for $1.00 monthly, $0.80 quarterly(shows up as $2.40 for 3 months)
Save 20% with Quarterly Payments!

Minimum of 10 slots. Max of 250 slots(Extra discounts start after 90 slots, please order the 90+ slot product instead)
Support for Warband Script Enhancer.
Napoleonic Wars and Viking Conquest can be enabled or disabled with one click.
Many popular one click mods available including cRPG, PW, Full Invasion etc. as well as upload your own mods and scenes.
Automated! Your server starts to install the moment you pay for it.

One click install for Admin Tools
Upload maps and Modules, Access the in game Admin Panel, Command line access, config file editor, ftp, server admin toolkit, web file manager, edit module.ini and more! Can be set to public or private at any time.

Warband+Napoleonic War/Viking Conquest is a separate game from Fire and Sword. You can switch between Warband and NW/VC with a single click, switching between FS and Warband requires a quick reinstall.

Mount and Blade: Warband/NW/VC/FS 90+ Slot Special -
Special Bulk Pricing
Same Features and options as our other servers, but with a progressive discount, 254 slots being the best price per slot and the ability to split the slots into new servers.

Minimum of 90 slots. Max of 254 slots per server.
Valid for Warband, Napoleonic Wars, Viking Conquest, Fire and Sword.
Support for Warband Script Enhancer.
Other features available and upon request.

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